Starting from the elementary school years, Açı Magazine is a sharing platform where students take an active role in its content development.

In the primary school, “Colorful Açı Magazine”, that is prepared with the support of  3rd and 4th grade students in the scope of the activity lesson, is published and distributed in school every term and also shared with parents online.

With the aim of reaching a high-level literacy in our school, this activity is planned with primary goals of improving our students’ research and writing skills, teaching them the phases of preparing a publication and preparing interesting texts for the targeted audience.

The volunteer students, who are determined at the beginning of the year, work with the guidance of library teachers once a week after school. In the first lesson of this study; students, analyzing the contents of various publications such as magazines and books with support of their teachers, learn in this context the importance of showing the source in the manuscripts published. In the second week, each student does research on a subject he has chosen in the computer labs. While preparing the texts and the layout during the following weeks, the students would have a chance to apply the basic functions of Microsoft Word program that they learn in their ICT lessons. In addition to art, music, cinema, theatre, travel and many more topics; the students who wish may also contribute to Colorful Açı Magazine by making interviews about the relevant agenda of school life or with experts in various fields. Similar work is done to produce a school magazine, one in Fall and in Spring by the members of the elective course called as Açı Magazine in the secondary school.   In their magazine they cover; developments in Science and Technology, articles in the field of Literature and Art, current events and school activities. They  aim to attract the attention of their readers while creating awareness among the readers, on the topics that they do research on.