Admission Process

The basic philosophy of Açı schools education and learning is to have happy, confident, physically and mentally healthy students. The registration procedures of Açı Schools serve  this purpose.

  • All registrations are accepted on space-available basis within the quota determined by Açı Schools.

  • If there is no place for the student in the prospect class, the applicant parents are informed about how to contact the school and make their registration after the registration renewal date of students already attending Açı is over.

  • After the start of the academic year only international registration is accepted during the interim periods of that same year.

  • The candidate students spend one full day in primary school and secondary school and half a day in primary school prep class. During this time, he participates in learning activities together with Açı students; thus social and emotional attitudes of the students as well as academic skills in Turkish, English and mathematics courses are observed. In the case of pre-school, the social emotional development and English skills are observed. If deemed necessary, reports and information on the academic, social and emotional development of the student from the previous school (report card and other development reports) are requested from the parents.

    Candidate students who achieve 70% and above in the assessments of their previous secondary and high school are registered to Açı Schools according to the order of application. There is no registration priority for students based on highest evaluation results.

  • For transferring at intermediate grade levels, students who are studying abroad in international schools must submit equivalency documents for final registration.

  • Açı Schools; do not accept any requests from parents or third parties regarding class, friend or teacher preferences.

  • Açı Schools accept success scholarship applications only at high school level.

  • In order to make the definite registration, the parents will sign the bank agreement on the days set by the school and deliver the required documents to the school.

  • All tuition fees will be refunded for those who cancel their registration before the academic year begins.

  • For those who leave after the school year starts, their payment is refunded by deducting the amount corresponding to the days of education the student had already attended.