Açı School’s philosophy of education and all its applications in school life are targeted to educate happy and independent students who are eager to learn and take universal values as their life principle.

Açı schools provide students with a safe, inspiring, encouraging, and motivating learning environment and many learning opportunities which would enable them to; discover themselves and their interest areas; relate what they learn to real life; and share knowledge with their peers and other people. These opportunities significantly guide our students towards; improving their academic, social and emotional skills, recognizing that they have responsibilities towards the community they are living in, empathizing with others and respecting differences. At the same time, it helps them to improve their organization and communication skills.

“Being from Açı” means to internalize a school culture where; everyone is respectful and concerned about each other, efforts are appreciated as much as achievements, students are constantly producing and sharing, making a difference, learning from mistakes and clearly and confidently sharing their feelings and thoughts, as well as contributing to this culture’s continuity and improvement.