All applications of Açı Counseling Department aim to help students, parents and teachers with all the process of “development” and “learning”. Açı counselor teachers, in line with  the school philosophy, take on responsibilities to learn about and support students  with their  age specific needs; to identify their strengths and areas for development; to follow up their social and emotional development and to design individual activities to meet their needs. In this process, to improve the efficiency of the implementations, they work closely with the families, teachers and other relavant people who contribute to the school culture.

Pre-school education is a phase when child development is quite fast. The continuity of this development requires  permanent counseling services.  The pre-school counseling program is designed so that it will serve “all” students’  at every stage of their development, even though some students need special attention due to their more specific needs or circumstances.

All work carried out by Açı Counseling Department aims at “getting to know the student” in the physical, cognitive, social and emotional areas within the criteria determined according to the characteristics of the developmental period. Observations are made to to know the students closely, to be able to discover their individual differences and interests, to learn about their behavior in different settings and to follow their development.To support this process regular  student, parent and teacher interviews are held.

Moreover, drama classes are held to help students handle various problems encountered in the classroom or in school and also to tackle situations frequently observed during each development stage. These topics are discussed through class discussions, story reading slots, group games, psychodrama  activities or movies.

Informative texts are prepared or seminars are organized about the characteristics of each development stage, developmental problems that can be encountered during this period, and what teachers and parents can do about these issues.

All the work carried out by the Counseling Department aim at “getting to know the student” in the cognitive, social and emotional areas according to the characteristics of the developmental period.

Observations made to know the student are as follows:

  • In-class observations
  • Recess observations
  • Activity observations
  • Excursion observations
  • Student interviews (to get to know the student or supportive activities on areas for improvement)
  • Parent interviews

During the counseling courses, activities designed in accordance with age development characteristics are carried out to help  students  develop and internalize social skills.

Areas focused on are as follows

  • School adjustment program
  • Get to know themselves and people around them and develop positive self-esteem.
  • Develop positive friendship relations
  • Recognizing, expressing and managing emotions
  • Forming and developing the sense of responsibility
  • Problem solving and the ability to communicate
  • Respecting his and others’ body and limits
  • Projects to develop a positive school atmosphere and social skills

Areas focused on with parents:

  • Get to know the parents and students
  • Parent interviews which guide us towards students’ development areas
  • Parent information texts
  • Parent information seminars according to age groups

We would like our students to acquire life skills through the individual, emotional, social and cognitive support provided in the light of our school values, as well as a variety of counseling activities.

In secondary school years we work on a variety of issues; such as changes experienced during transition to adulthood, redefining all social relationships, creating a new identity, individualization, being in a group as well as more academic issues like coping with performance anxiety, time management, focusing and organization skills. Seminars on topics relevant to this age group are given to parents as well.

In high school preparation (8th grade), the primary goal of counseling is not only to support students with their social and emotional needs but also prepare them  for high school.

In high school years, apart from providing students with guidance for local and international universities, we  help  them with career and professional choices. They are also given continous support for their their social, emotional and academic lives.