As a valuable opportunity to enrich the learning experience of students, field trips are arranged at all class levels of our education programs. Field trips inside or outside the city for a given school year are planned in August, in line with the learning outcomes for the academic program. The determined dates are then announced to students and parents via the academic calendar. All students are expected to attend field trips, as they are an essential part of the academic life.

Grade Excursions Category Related Course
5 The Historic Peninsula Excursion Inner-city Social studies
5 Environmental Observation Excursion Inner-city Science
5 Marmara Excursion Out of town Social studies
6 Archaeological Museum Inner-city Social studies
6 Veterinary Visit Inner-city Science
6 Aegean Trip Inner-city Social studies
7 Bosphorus Tour Inner-city Turkish
7 Konya Trip Out of town Social studies
7 Edirne Trip Out of town Social studies
7 Topkapı Palace Inner-city Social studies
7 Ecosystems Excursion Inner-city Science
7 Tales Museum and Şirince village Out of town Mathematics
6-7 Edinburgh Science Festival Abroad Science
6-8 Pickering College Summer School Abroad English