Açı High School; in line with the values, philosophy and purpose of Açı Schools; aims to educate individuals who learn, adapt easily to change, have 21. Century skills, think freely, make decisions and have the ability to become world citizens. In Açı High School, the learning is valued over teaching; not only the students but all stakeholders are accepted to be a member of the learners’ community, thus the studies are carried out accordingly.

Açı 8th grade, Açı Anatolian High School and Açı Social Sciences High School are located in Açı High School Bahçeköy campus. 8th-grade students, over the course of a year are prepared in every field for high school life, in Bahçeköy campus. Carrying out the high school orientation in the 8th grade makes a major contribution to the students’ academic and social life as well as their adaptation to high school.

Açı High School requests all its students to finish Açı Diploma Program. Açı Diploma Program combines Açı Academic Program (AAP) and Açı Learning Experience (ALE- extracurricular learning experiences) in a 4 year program.

Açı High School Academic curriculum follows the Ministry of National Education’s common curriculum in the 8th, 9th and 10th grades. In the 11th and 12th grades, in addition to the core subjects the curriculum is enriched by elective courses according to the students’ individual interests, abilities and local-foreign university preferences. All our students get the opportunity of developing their vision thanks to the elective courses taught by faculty members of the major universities in our country. Moreover AP lessons for the students who will continue their studies abroad and YGS-LYS preparation support lessons for students who will continue their studies in the country are given by our specialist teachers.

In Açı Learning Experience Programs, our students have the opportunity to get beyond the academic life and explore the outside world by making their own choices among 12 different social responsibility projects and 23 different Club activities, according to their interest and capabilities.

At Açı High School, every student has an advisor teacher. In addition, our students are guided by the university advisors who are experienced in the field of local and international universities and prepare the students both for university and life.