Institutional Information

Our school which produced its first high school graduates in June 2011 continues to offer its educational services in five different campuses with a program that fully covers from  ages of three to the end of high school. Açı Schools have adopted the principle of reaching the level of “contemporary civilization” as set forth by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. We formed an institution that sets high goals in academic achievement and proactively takes on social responsibility.

Açı Schools, with all their teachers and employees, believe in the potential of our country’s younger generation who are bound by the values ​​and principles of our Republic. Açı Schools are guiding their students to grow up as individuals who do not compromise from their principles and philosophy, for tomorrow’s tough world which is also full of opportunities.

Our school which has actualized Açı project with its employees, students and parents, was established in 1998.  We thank all our stakeholders for their  contributions to our school up until this date as well as  keeping its standards, content, approach and values.



Açı Schools is an investment of Açı Education and Training Services A.Ş. It is not a foundation.

The Founders

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Cem Uygun

Finance and Investments: Alihan Haydaroğlu

Construction and Investments: Engin Üstel

Academic Council: Kerim Gürçay


Açı K-12 Schools

  • Açı Pre-school Bahçeköy / Açı Pre-school Kemerburgaz / Açı Pre-school Levent
  • Açı Primary School Akatlar / Açı Primary School Sarıyer
  • Açı Secondary School
  • Açı High School

Other Schools

  • Açı Music and Art School
  • Açı Sports School
  • Açı Sports Club

Official Status

All Açı Schools (pre-school, elementary and high school) have the private schools status registered with T.C. Ministry of Education.


Current Curriculum and Programs

At Açı Schools, the curriculum of the Turkish Ministry of Education is implemented.


Foreign Languages in Açı Schools

In Açı Schools, English language education starts in preschool and continues at all levels and uninterruptedly until the end of high school.

English language curriculum is developed according to IGCSE standards.

As a second foreign language, French or Spanish begins in the sixth grade and continues until the end of high school. If the students can achieve proficiency in the second foreign language and also prefer to take Spanish classes, they can do so after school hours, as of 9th grade.

French curriculum is developed in compliance with European Union Language Standards. Our students take the DELF exams hold by French Cultural Centre (Institute Française) at A2-B1 and B2 levels, respectively.

Spanish curriculum is developed in compliance with European Union Language Standards. Our students take the DELE exams hold by Istanbul Cervantes Institute at A1-A2/B1-B2 levels, respectively.

Registration and Scholarship Procedures

The registration principle of Açı Schools is that no preference is given other than the order of enrolment. All student applications that follow the registration procedures are accepted on availability basis.

Scholarship is not given in elementary and secondary schools; please refer toAdmissions/Scholarship Opportunitiespage for scholarship conditions.