Açı Schools, in accordance with its mission and vision objectives, certify its quality of education at international standards with the collaboration of CIS (Community of International Schools).  Our high school has completed its first accreditation process in 2012. Within the framework of  accreditation and membership procedures, all changes made in the school each year are reported to CIS head office in Netherlands. With the introduction of CIS Protocol in 2016, the accreditation time course was decreased to 5 years and the first step has been completed in March 2017.

The organizations that we are a member of;

CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) Centre

AP (Advanced Placement Exams) Centre

IACAC (Illinois Association for College Admission Counseling) Member


The London College of Music, which is affiliated to the University of West London, is an international institution of measurement and assessment. LCM Certificate and Diploma Program is compliant with the standards required by international boards of Ministry of Education and Employment England (DFEE). The program has national and international accreditation in accordance with the standards of “The National Qualifications Framework” set by the “Qualifications and Curriculum Authority”. LCM is accredited by an internationally accepted agency Ofqual. Its upper secondary education, undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas are accepted in accordance with the international equivalence regulations. The members of the Examination Commission hold these exams every year, in 250 centers around the world. LCM education methods are based on specially designed curriculum. Education and exams are made with books that are specifically designed for each musical instrument. Açı School of Music and Art is the authorized exam center of London College of Music.


Eco-schools are set up with the aim of promoting environmental awareness of primary and secondary school students by giving prominence to student participation. At the end of 2 years, The Green Flag Award is given to schools that have worked successfully in this regard. In  2015, Akatlar Açı primary school got the Green Flag Award as a result of 2 years’ work. Sarıyer Açı primary school also started Eco School activities in 2014/2015 and earned Green Flag Award in 2016.

To maintain this work, an Eco Team is formed with the 4th grade students every year. As part of being  sensitive school to recycling, collecting waste, correct agricultural practices and economical water consumption, the purpose of Eco Team is to enhance activities for  relavant fields, reach everyone and include all students in the process.


As Açı Schools, we aim to educate our students, starting from the youngest age group, on how to use natural resources economically and aim to shrink the footprint left behind in nature, regarding all our processes.

Consuming more than needed and without considering environmental impacts – not only jeopardizes equal access to food but also – results in running out of natural resources like energy, water, air and cause the formation of garbage mounts. Conducted in collaboration with Boğaziçi University and WWF-Turkey, the purpose of Green Generation Restaurant Project is to lead change by focusing on this main issue.

To provide the right approach and pass values to next generations, we will take place in the project as Açı Schools Sarıyer campus and experience the process together with our students. We wish to be a good example for all other schools by being the “first school” taking place in this project.


The Ministry of Health General Directorate of Primary Health Care made a statement and emphasized the importance of protection and improvement of public health, improving the quality of life, raising healthy generations educated adequately about cleanliness and hygiene. Thus with the cooperation of the Ministry of National Education, they noted that inspection of schools on the basis of certain criteria is anticipated. Our school has been taking part in this project since 2012 and by meeting the necessary criteria, we got the project’s icon “White Flag and Certificate” and keep working on the project.