Facilities Management

All catering, cleaning, safety and maintenance-repairment services for Açı Schools are provided by the ISS Facility Management Company. The quality of a high-standard, healthy and safe life is always prioritized in our buildings where cleaning and routine services, as well as technical support, regular controls and construction repairments during holidays are conducted under clear procedures.

Food Services at our schools are provided by ISS Catering. ISS Catering is certified by; ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and TSE and it performs its work in accordance with these standards.  In accordance with from farm to fork food safety principles, systematic controls are carried out at all stages, from the selection of suppliers up to the meal service and food safety is confirmed by laboratory analyses.All kitchens are inspected periodically by food engineers. The quality of the drinking water acquired by advanced techniques of city water purification is assessed microbiologically once every 3 months and chemically once every 6 months.

The menus are prepared by a menu commission composed of ISS Catering’s nutritionist, operational managers and Açı Schools’ Administrative Affairs Supervisors. Menus prepared with the goal of achieving an adequate and healthy diet for all students are assessed by student surveys once a year.

Cleaning services at our schools are provided by ISS in accordance with our procedures. The daily and periodic cleaning of our schools is done within a specific work plan. MSDS forms of all chemicals used in cleaning services are inspected by the Administrative Affairs Supervisor. The Occupational Health and the Occupational Safety measures while providing cleaning services are followed by the Cleaning Services Supervisor and the Occupational Safety Supervisor.

The cleaning services are inspected on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. All employees follow an annual training program and are assessed based on performance appraisals on a monthly and 6 months basis.

Security services at our schools are provided by Proser. All processes are carried out under the Law No. 5188, regarding Private Security Services. The entrance of students, parents, employees and suppliers into our schools are handled in a controlled manner and their safe exit is also ensured in accordance with our procedures. All our schools are monitored with cameras 24 hours a day.

The security personnel chosen among employees, who have worked in Proser for at least 3 years, additionally get compliance training when they start their job in Açı Schools. All security employees follow an annual training program to get trainings regularly and they are assessed based on performance appraisals on a monthly and 6 months basis.

In addition to the inspections on a monthly period, there are also unannounced inspections both day and night.

Transportation services at our schools are provided by Gürsel Turizm. The speed and traffic controls of the vehicles are done by a satellite tracking system. The drivers and hostesses who are successful in orientation trainings follow an annual program to get trainings regularly.

Our transportation vehicles are inspected monthly by Gürsel Turizm and Açı in terms of technical equipment. The service is assessed by a customer satisfaction survey which is carried out once a year.

Technical Services at our schools are provided by ISS in accordance with our procedures. The daily routine controls are made and reported by the technical staff. All periodic maintenances are carried out by specialist companies. Other technical problems are resolved by technical staff within a schedule. Technical work takes place outside of school hours to prevent a negative impact on school life. Taking necessary work safety measures while providing technical services is a fundamental principle for us.

The personnel who have a certificate or diploma specific to his expertise also follow an annual training program. All technical employees are assessed on a monthly and 6 months basis.