Our Pre-School curriculum focuses on developing the research and questioning skills of our students using an inquiry based approach. Both the school environment and the classrooms are designed to reflect real life and this setup is allows for stronger communication. Our students are able to access all areas and resources independently and newly learned information can put into practice with a holistic approach to learning, through inquiry and the application of a thematic approach. The themes that we follow are organised into areas that are relevant to a young child’s curiosity. When engaging in activities, we are able to create several, varied methods of interaction. At any one time, the students can find themselves engaged in; a large group, a small group, a pair or a one to one activity with a teacher. We place strong emphasis on listening, speaking and questioning skills.

Our students learn through repetition, the chance to observe and question. This approach allows them to use newly learned language and question what they see whilst engaging in independent study. In the process, they are able to make and learn from mistakes.

Supporting the developing language of our students is of great importance, strong language skills are essential for self-expression and confidence. This communicational approach emphasizes not only expression and comprehension but also places great value on reading and writing skills, applying learning to all of the areas of Literacy development.

In line with our philosophy and values, Açı Preschool aims to help the development of the important skills for learning; independent thinking, problem solving and the ability to work with others. An understanding of the need to protect the environment and the community in which we live whilst supporting the idea that they are a world citizen is also an integral part of our program.

Within all of our schools, we value learning above teaching. All of those in our educational establishments accept that they are part of a learning community and our education is carried out accordingly.