Açı Secondary School; while creating the learning opportunities for courageous, pioneering, innovative individuals who are committed to the universal values as their principle, also takes the social, emotional and academic development of its students at the forefront.

Cultural differences are taken into consideration when preparing the learning curriculums.  It is aimed to educate individuals who take responsibility for their own learning, enjoy learning, enrich their own life as well as others’ lives thanks to their accumulations, equipped with the skills required by 21st century and reflect their achievements to their lives in accordance with the requirements of the contemporary age.

Açı Secondary School program is a structure where academic lectures and educational attainments are connected to each other horizontally and vertically and supported by learning experiences.

Academic curriculum consists of; Turkish, math, social studies, science, English, and French/Spanish. English curriculum is a continuation of the attainments in Primary School and focuses on English Literature. French or Spanish, as a second foreign language, starts in the 6th grade. The learning attainments of the courses are based on National Education Ministry curriculum, but expanded with additional studies based on the student’s accumulation and potential.  The academic program, with all its methods used in education, its learning environment and the activities taking place both inside and outside of the classroom, its evaluation processes and applications, has an overall integrity across all grades.

Our academic program is supported by different learning experiences such as; social responsibility projects, Student Union, elective courses, individual learning projects, special days and weeks, field trips, after-school club activities and morning chats.  During this process, class teachers and counselors, determine the academic, social and emotional needs of our students and support their development.