From Pre-school to High School

Life in Açı starts with Pre-school experience for our students and it provides opportunities for them not just for academic development but also for their happiness, confidence, establishing positive relationships with others and the environment they live in, as well as experiencing real life situations. Student life that takes place both inside and outside the school prepares them always for the learning experience they will encounter in the next stage.

Many learning activities are provided in our schools, incorporated into our weekly programs and annual calendar. In Pre-school, students begin the day with games that they planned themselves. They collaborate with each other and their teachers on learning and growing, thanks to in and out-of-classroom learning activities and whole school events planned occasionally.

Similarly, our primary schools also begin the day with morning sports and morning chats where emotions are shared. They think upon and share their opinions with their friends on current developments as well as inside and outside of the school learning experiences; they get the opportunity to develop effective listening and speaking skills from early ages. They experience for the first time, “the students association” and class representative system and take more responsibility for their school life through its elections and activities.

Morning chat and “student association” tradition continue in Secondary School as well, while students take more and more active role in the planning of its context and in the implementation of activities. School weeks, the entire school assessment meetings at the end of semesters, Friday surprises, graduation preparations are a few of these activities to name.

Awareness and ability to take responsibility start at an early age in our High School; Wake-up Cafe, ACIMGE and Cosmology Conference are a few examples of entrepreneurial projects. Social responsibility awareness which starts in pre-school years reaches a level of sustainable community service in secondary school and high school years.

“To be a member of Açı”; sprouting in Pre-school years and maturing in high school years, is a lifelong ongoing learning experience and way of life.